Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot weather - Winter Yarns

Phlox in my front garden

Some things to think about during this very hot weather -

1. Your favourite yarn shop - us, of course!

2. It is lovely and cool in here- drop in and knit/crochet!

3. Boxes of fall/winter yarn have arrived recently - get a sneak preview!

4. Did you know we are arranging lots of things in the shop -
- new shelving has arrived - come and see!

A pile of yarn
Wow, look at all that n"ewe" yarn.
There is thin lace weight, dk weight and even some really thick and funky yarns.
Now just trying to find a home for all of them.
I know that should not be hard because of all the new shelves
 - it is just deciding where they will look best!
I will give you more information and close up pictures of  the n"ewe" yarns in the next few posts.

Try to keep cool and keep knitting/crocheting.

1 comment:

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