Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is in the bags?

 I know spring has not even really arrived but I spent many hours
wandering around a large yarn warehouse checking out lots and lots of
 Fall/Winter yarns.
I guess you could call the warehouse a "Knitters' Heaven".
There was shelf after shelf of yarns, yarns and more yarns. 
I brought these full bags of yarn home with me.
There will be lots more coming before the Fall.

Can you guess what is inside?
Here is a peak inside!

On the self in the "chunky" room
It took a while to sort the yarn and get it on the shelves.
There is fun aassortment for you knitting pleasure.
These yarns are in the "chunky" room for obvious reasons! 
I will highlight these yarns later but I will tell you this - you can start your gift-giving knitting with them.
The yarns are called - Linie 321, Vertigo, Madras and Fiocco.
Be sure to come in to see what these yarns are like - they look great and feel even better.
I will send "close up" pictures later.

Great news - Triana Lux

You all love Triana - now it has a bit of "glitz"and is called Triana Lux.
There are also super n"ewe" colours.
I will show you more colours next time.

Fashion "words" in the world of knitting for Fall/Winter are
 glitz - a lot or a little
halo - such as mohair - gives a "fluffy" look.
texture - thick, thin, bumpy, boucle, etc
colour - every colour imaginable

All for now - keep knitting and crocheting.

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