Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pass On The Traditions!

The traditions that I am referring to are of course KNITTING and CROCHETING!! Take a moment to think about who taught you to knit or crochet, where you were when you learned, how old you were, etc. What great memories!

My Mother taught me to knit when I was a Brownie. Her Mother - my Grandmother - also knit, and I have taught my daughter Elizabeth the joy of knitting. She has taught many kids in her career to knit also.Through the shop, over the years, I am sure that I have taught hundreds of customers to knit.

Actually people have been knitting since Egyptian times. Likely the same for crocheting. Can't you picture Cleopatra, sitting on her throne with knitting needles in her hands! No, I did not teach her to knit!!

Pass on the traditions!
As you can see, we have knitting books and knitting needles geared for kids. There is also a kids crochet books arriving any day.

You will also notice corkers in the picture. Remember using a wooden spool with 4 nails in the top. Oops, I guess that is dating us! If you were like me, you likely made miles of corking! These fun corkers look like bumble bees or a crystal wand. There is also a book which gives you lots of ideas of what to do with your miles of corking.

Knifty Knitters  - are also a great way to get kids or adults interested in knitting. They come in 2 sizes and their name says it all.

It is now your turn to pass on the traditions to your daughters/sons. grand kids, neighborhood kids or even adults that you know. Go for it and share the joy of knitting and crocheting.

Passing on these traditions would be a super idea for "some one" on your Christmas list.

Have fun knitting and crocheting.

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