Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sequins ruffles, frills & more

It is hard to believe all the "funky" fashion fibers and they just keep "finding their way"  through the shop door!! A new one arrived this week - read to the end of this blog to find out about it!!

Yang by SWTC
Sequins, wool, silk and bamboo all combine to make a wonderful yarn called Yang - love the name - by SWTC - South West Trading Company. The sequins are small but add that classic touch of glamour. One ball will make a statement scarf and knit up quickly.

Well, here are our very own ruffles - Rizos - knit by Diane and frills - Ondas - knit by Linda. These two yarns are selling very quickly - think a gift for Christmas or for yourself - because you are special also. Once they are gone will not have any more Rizos until the new year but hopefully more Ondas early in December. Hope you can drop by to see our samples.

Think very soft, Santa's beard, cute kitten - have you guessed what the yarn is yet? It is Angora! We have it in white as that is the colour our customers have been asking for.

Can you find the 2 scarves?
Glad you read this far - here is the new yarn!
Just imagine - it is the last week before Christmas and you still wish to make some wonderful gifts for your friends, neighbours, school teacher or whoever.  We have the quickest project ever. It is Ci Piace (the smaller version) and Solo 1 Minuto (the larger version). Soft, quick, fun and very cozy - all at the same time! You "just" finger knit the yarn and it is done!!

As we have so many wonderful new items arriving all the time - I hope to send out a few extra blogs so that I can keep you up to date with all that is new.

Don't forget to tell the gift givers that you know - that we have gift certificates - or you can come in and fill out a wish list and present it your gift giver.


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