Thursday, October 14, 2010

Linda's WIP!

In case you are not familiar with the term WIP - it means "work in progress", the incomplete knitting projects that take up precious space in a knitter's bag, curl up in baskets, mushroom on the top of kitchen counters, rest beside the bed and colonize any horizontal surface where a knitter can safely store them until they become "FOs" (finished objects!). This description is from a book called Brave New Knits.

I wonder how many WIPs you have - can you count that high!? Just kidding!

Both sides look really nice!

Anyway, Linda started this beautiful scarf last week. It is made out of  Dye Version 100 % bamboo. According to Linda - the yarn feels heavenly to knit with - lovely and soft with great stitch definition. The pattern is free with the yarn purchase. The pattern in this scarf is an easy 6 row repeat. When finished the scarf/shawl will be 9" wide and 50" long.There is also another pattern that you can choose from to use with this yarn

Lucky sheep!

Our sheep seems to be enjoying wearing Linda"s WIP!

To see the other wonderful colours Dye Version Bamboo comes in you can check our Sept. 23rd blog.

Now, go and work on your WIPs!


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